About DamaTech A/S

DacmaTech want to be a trustworthy partner, as well as being a supplier of shipping and marine products in a very high quality for the benefit of our customers.

The customer requirements and needs have always had top priority at DacmaTech.
It is very important for us to ensure close cooperation with our customers, which is based on mutual trust and personal relationships.

We will continuously ensure a high and uniform quality of our products.
Within quality and environmental areas, we continuously work to reduce all impacts. This is done systematically as part of our ISO 9001 certified management system which was finalised in 2014.

Our goal is to have a quality management system that continuously adapted to developments and the processes of change in the business.

This is done through running audit and management reviews.

All employees will be a supporting part of the quality system and shall contribution to all are working and acting accordance to the quality manual and associated procedures

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